” Let’s talk about how to get started with solving problems using fancy computer stuff called Machine Learning. Ready? Here are the steps in a super easy way:

  1. Think Like a Business Pro:
    Imagine you’re a superhero for a business. What problems can you solve to make the business even better?
  2. Spot the Problems:
    Look at some data like a detective. What issues can you find? It’s like solving a mystery!
  3. Fixing Time:
    How can we solve the problems we found? Think of it like finding the right tool for the job.
  4. Data Collection Adventure:
    Go on a treasure hunt for data! Collect all the information you need.
  5. Accuracy Check:
    Imagine you have a superhero accuracy meter. How close are you to being a superhero in solving the problems?
  6. Online or Offline Learning:
    Decide if you want to learn from a book (offline) or learn as you go (online). Choose what suits your data adventure!
  7. Make Guesses:
    Pretend you’re a detective again. What do you think will happen? Make some educated guesses about your superhero plan!”



Framing ML Problems

How to plan for Data science Practically?


1. Business Problem to Machine Learning :

  • Think, In terms of business.

2. Types of problem :

  • What can be problems after looking at data?

3. Current Solution :

  • What can you do to solve a current problem?

4. Getting Data :

  • collect the data

5. Metrics to measure :

  • check accuracy

6. Offline vs Online :

  • Choose learning according to your data.

7. Assumption :

  • make assumptions about your model.

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